An online course for moms imagining what's next…

Are you a full-time Family CEO?

Sometimes, do you daydream about what’s next for you?

Wondering if you can be a fulfilled mom AND fulfilled in your career?

If you answered with three yeses, read on...

Wondering what’s next is a sign that you are very much alive. Even if you feel conflicted. Even if you have absolutely no sense of your next direction.

You’re in the space before making decisions. And it’s a delicious place to be. You’re in the space where you can imagine, look inward, play and design.

And so often, we, as moms, glance over this space in our own lives. It’s a quiet, private, calm space that can easily get filled up with the to dos + distractions of daily life.

But what if you gave yourself permission to enter the room of your inner self, ask her some questions and really listen to what she wants for her complete self?

What if you are meant for a revised version of your work? One that involves your ideal balance between active parenting and professional growth.

This course is designed to take you through the before part of your decision-making process about what’s next for you. 

Mama, this  online course will inspire and support you, as you look inward, then design a realistic and individualized path forward, while determining the excuses and barriers before you, so that you can ultimately re-enter your career by stepping with intention, all while you inhabit and nurture your experience of motherhood.

No big decisions yet. Just one small step to acknowledge that you’re giving yourself permission to imagine what’s next. 

Let’s begin.

I'm ready to start.

Designed + Led by Lindsay Hurty

Everwell Co-Founder + Programming Lead

Lindsay designs and facilitates gatherings intended to take participants on explorations of their inner worlds, and she embodies Everwell's vision of supporting + inspiring women with her soulful and upbeat approach. With acceptance and love, Lindsay creates room for participants to make meaningful decisions for their desired growth. Lindsay's home-spun Trellis Workshops, which she founded in her living room in 2017, became the seed that has grown into this online course and Everwell's flourishing programming platform.

About the Course

What's Next? is designed for the mom who wants to re-enter the professional space in a revised way from how she left itwherever she is in life. This course will help you figure out what's next for you. Upon registering, you'll receive immediate access to the course, as well as an accompanying workbook to guide you along the way.

You can expect the four modules to take up to 90 minutes each, once you've completed the suggested prompts + exercises.

Module 1: Dreaming + Looking Inward

Module 2: Designing

Module 3: Determining Barriers + Excuses

Module 4: Stepping with Intention



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