a conversation series

July + August 2020 | EW's Zoom Platform


Why The Well?

At Everwell, we believe that connection + thoughtful conversation inspire the best kind of personal awareness and growth. To foster these connections, we are kicking off a program centered around the idea of a "well" being a source of gathering, replenishment and inspiration.

Introducing our Wells

This summer we will feature four Wells. Each Well is a series of conversations inspired by a highly acclaimed text and led by our wonderful Everwell facilitators. They include:


Glennon Doyle’s


Facilitated by Lindsay Hurty




Simon Sinek’s

Start With Why

Facilitated by Julie Flakstad


Layla F. Saad’s

Me and White Supremacy

Facilitated by Amanda Hanson


Elizabeth Gilbert’s

Big Magic

Facilitated by Lindsay Hurty

Womanhood Well

Inspired by Glennon Doyle's Untamed

Week 1 - July 10
The Cages, the Rules and the Dragons We Allow
Pre-read: to p. 40


Week 2 - July 24
Building a Life of One's Own
Pre-read: to p. 77

Week 3 - August 7
Life Your Way
Pre-read: to p. 220

Week 4 - August 21
What Are You?
Pre-read: to p. 328

Work Well

Inspired by Simon Sinek's Start With Why

Week 1 - July 16
Welcome to the Work of Why: Why ask Why? + Knowing Your Why
Pre-read: Chapters 1-3

Week 2 - July 23
Your Gut + The Biology of Feeling What's Right
Pre-read: Chapters 4-5

Week 3 - July 30
Where Trust Comes From + Why We Believe in What We Do
Pre-read: Chapters 6-7

Week 4 - August 6
Charisma, Amplifying Your Inspiration + How to Lead and Communicate
Pre-read: Chapters 8-10

Week 5 - August 13
Success + Keeping the Why Alive
Pre-read: Chapters 11-12

Week 6 - August 20
Competing with Your Why + Imagining Your Future Now
Pre-read: Chapters 13-14

Creative Well

Inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic

Week 1 - August 5
Courage + Enchantment
Pre-read: Parts 1-2

Week 2 - August 12
Pre-read: Part 3

Week 3 - August 19
Pre-read: Part 4

Week 4 - August 26
Trust + Divinity
Pre-read: Parts 5-6


Humanity Well: Antiracism Workshop

Using Layla F. Saad's text Me and White Supremacy as our guide, the workshop will break down into six live sessions, facilitated by Amanda Hanson, PsyD:

Week 1 - July 6
Historical Context + Setting the Stage for White People Doing this Work

Week 2 - July 13
The Basics: White Privilege, White Fragility, White Silence, Superiority + Exceptionalism

Week 3 - July 20
Anti-Blackness, Racial Stereotypes + Cultural Appropriation

Week 4 - July 27

Week 5 - August 3
Power, Relationships + Commitments

Week 6 - August 10 
Now what? + How Do We Continue to Show Up?

In registering for this workshop, you're registering for all six sessions. Each session will be recorded and sent to any participants who are unable to make live session dates.

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